COVID-19's Impact on Business and Finance

Public Health and governmental actions are being announced at a rapid pace, and many of the decisions have major potential economic impact on our businesses.

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Update on RINA Operations

Dear Clients and Friends,
Tom Neff, Managing PartnerWe hope that this message finds you well.
We want you to know about the following temporary operating adjustments that we are making until we are through the current public health crisis.
We are asking our staff to work from home full time.  In reality, many of us already work from home on a regular, albeit periodic, basis.  This shift will be transparent to our clients, but we wanted to share that we are conscious of the need to do our part to protect our families, our communities, our clients and ourselves.
Our offices will not be physically accessible to our clients effective Monday, March 16th The doors will be closed, and the offices will not be open to anyone other than limited staff based on a specific need.  We will still be available via phone, email, text, chat – there will be no change in our ability to communicate.  Our technology will allow us to continue to answer our office phones as normal; any messages left on the main office numbers will be monitored daily.
We previously encouraged only essential third-party visits; we are now putting those visits on hold until further notice.  We will use technology to maintain a visual connection during meetings and to make sure that our communication level remains high and responsive.
In accordance with the requests of our government and medical experts, we will be limiting our physical interactions.  This precaution means that we will restrict potential exposure via surface transfer.  Clients who previously received hard copy financial statements and/or tax returns will only receive electronic copies.  Additionally, we are asking that clients who have traditionally provided us with original documents via hard copy for our use make efforts to instead provide us with electronic copies.
We have the electronic collaboration tools in place to facilitate a 100% electronic interchange; please call or email your firm contact if you have questions about using these tools.  We also have the necessary data security in place to ensure the security and privacy of your information regardless of where we do our work.

Regarding tax deadlines and other information - Check our alerts

We thank you for enduring the inconveniences that our current situation presents.  We will normalize our operating procedures as soon as it is safe to do so for our families, communities, clients and ourselves.
If we can be of help in anyway, professionally or personally, please reach out.  We are here to be of service.

Thomas Neff
Managing Partner

COVID-19 Related Resources

RINA Accountants & Advisors wants to be a source of business and financial information that will help you and your business weather the stresses caused by the COVID-19 virus and the efforts to contain it.

We won't tell you how long to wash your hands or any personal health and hygene tips. That's not our area of expertise.

Instead, our accounting professionals are closely monitoring government actions and public decisions that may affect you. We will post news that may be useful to you throughout these difficult times. Please check out our alerts and essays as we add them to this site. This situation is very fluid, and we will be updating our resource list frequently.

Please reach out to us if we can help in any way. We want to be of service.

Here is some helpful information:

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