Exempt Organization Tax & Information Returns

Not-for-profit organizations are defined by their tax-exempt status as well as for their charitable purpose. Maintaining this tax-exempt status can be difficult for an organization, with many challenging rules and laws to interpret and often with little time or expertise to comply. At RINA, we can help by providing the exempt organization tax services you need, from tax consulting and compliance services to the preparation of information and excise tax returns.

Our not-for-profit tax group works with private foundations, social service organizations, arts and recreation associations, schools and cultural institutions, providing a range of tax services. Our extensive not-for-profit experience gives RINA a real understanding of the challenges not-for-profit organizations face and the importance of maintaining this special tax status. Its also why our not-for-profit tax group is one of the most respected in Northern California.

Our tax consulting and exempt organization tax services include:

RINA believes in serving not-for-profits so that they are better able to serve the community. Our staff routinely volunteers for our tax-exempt clients, both to serve the community and to better understand our clients' charitable missions.

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