Mergers and Acquisitions

Merger and acquisition activity is at a high level currently due to the economic conditions created by the recession.  Many large corporations are hoarding cash and using that cash to make strategic acquisitions.   

RINA has a history of working with businesses and individuals in the Merger and Acquisition field. We provide suggestions, considerations, alternatives and solutions in addressing all M & A activity.

M & A activity comes in different forms and sizes, with no one size, or form fitting all. The team at RINA can assist in:

  • Considering the plan
  • Reviewing the financial options
  • Analyzing the economies of scale
  • Measuring the tax implications of purchase price allocations, net operating loss optimization, favorable and crucial tax elections,
  • Reviewing employment contracts and  structuring agreements,
  • Valuing entities and goodwill

Business transitions require a complete financial analysis and should include an element of personal and personnel considerations. Given our history of dealing with family owned businesses and key individuals who drive those businesses, we will provide customized solutions that will meet you particular needs.  

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